Deli meats maker CLAI eyes growth through authentic quality

Italian cooperative from Imola is betting on authentic taste and controlled quality to double its share of export sales
Deli meats maker CLAI eyes growth through authentic quality

Made in Italy, sustainability, guaranteed production chain, and people first of all: these are the key elements which define CLAI success. An agribusiness reality from Italy, one of the most known and important cooperative among Italy in the field of cold cuts. CLAI masters in production of pork and bovine fresh meat market, and emerges as a “specialist” in salami produced with 100% Italian meat. All our salamis are made from a guaranteed production chain, from field to table, and rigorously Made in Italy – explains GD Pietro D’Angeli. Every salami is made out of Italian pork meat exclusively, heavy porks born, breeded and butchered in Italy: a production choice on the entire array of salami, which is a real rarity in the industrial field of cold cuts. After conquering a consistent space in the Italian market, the cooperative is looking forward to increase international markets.

120 JOBS CREATED IN THREE YEARS – Efforts to remain loyal to quality by controlling the entire manufacturing process have paid off. The cooperative firm reported 235 million euros of revenues in 2016, an increase of more than 10 million euros from the previous year. Over the past three years, CLAI has hired 120 people, an impressive trend in a country like Italy where the economic recovery remains weak. Many of the new employees are under 35, a group that currently accounts for 30% of workforce, D’Angeli said: Our value is our love for Italy. All our production since 1962 has been exclusively made in Italy.

CLAI AIMS TO DOUBLE EXPORTS TO 40% OF SALES – The salami specialist is looking to expand its presence in Italy and abroad, notably Europe and Asia with CLAI brand. Exports account for 20% of the deli meats turnover, a share the company aims to double in the next years. Export sales of salami increased by 30% in 2016. We are trying to promote our brand in the entire domestic market but also abroad. It’s not an easy process. It will take time, but we are seeing that the market believes in us. In 2016 we increased sales compared to 2015 and this has allowed us to hire more people, the top executive said.

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