Bread, flour, and imagination at Costa Group

Revamping the image of the baker: the origins of Franco Costa’s career who would become President of Costa Group, an inexorably successful company opening branches around the globe
Bread, flour, and imagination at Costa Group

It is no wonder Franco Costa can still hear the roaring echo of the beloved scooter of his adolescence, given that he embarked on his first entrepreneurial venture that consisted in supplying local bakers with flour astride his ‘Cinquantino’ around the villages in the surroundings of La Spezia. He would make short daily trips at dawn to get to school on time and not to miss any lessons. It is thanks to his visits at these bakeries that young Costa became aware of the need of not only revamping the image of the latter, but of even modernising it. This insight led him to make his first investment in a small furniture factory in 1980. His brother Sandro joined his company in 1985. Since then, the Costa brothers have been “lighting their ovens” in bakeries throughout the world. Their first area of influence has been the Iberian Peninsula for years, apart from Italy. The first contracts were signed and, as destiny would have it, a significant part of their very first customers are now successful entrepreneurs across the food sector. Simultaneously, endeavours are underway to advance into foreign markets, from France to the United States, Greece, Germany, and finally Korea and China. Since the beginning of the New Millennium, the Costa Group has turned traditions regulating the food market upside down, thus conquering new sectors, from delicatessen, to pastry shops, and cafeterias, culminating in a crescendo of variations that have led to the creation of cutting-edge formats.[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”12″ gal_title=”Gruppo Costa Bakery”]

FOR THOSE WHO DESIGN THE COSTA GROUP – The customer spectrum is definitely varied. There is a confident entrepreneur knocking on the door of this company from La Spezia who is convinced to start a food and catering business, sensing a big opportunity if accompanied by an effective layout. But there is even more to it. The Ligurian company counts established chefs as its clients who are eager to open their own restaurant and strive to work in an environment reflecting their personality in the kitchen. By the same token, Costa Group is also a point of reference for large industrial groups wanting to diversify their business. Barilla, Rana (with its own restaurants), but also Lindt and other Italian chocolate chains are only some who willingly and decisively seize the opportunity of entering the gastronomic sector. When taking a close look at the present and casting an eye on the future, the company of the Costa brethren is approaching also other channels. They cover locations that have been chosen for urban redevelopment, stores that specialize in groceries located in historic city centers that are in need of ‘refreshing’ their appearance, and the dining areas of large hotel chains. Having said this, we must neither forget their collaboration and interventions with Eataly around the world, nor their new partnership with Peck, which brought about the creation of Piccolo Peck.

THE FOCACCIA STORE SAVOURING THE PALATES OF MADRID – The Italian focaccia has won over the center of Madrid. You can taste it yourself by paying the Focaccella of Calle Preciadosa visit. It thus pays tribute to one of the typical Ligurian specialties, in addition to offering pizzas, pasta, ice cream, and desserts. Franco Costa has decided to act with extreme creativity giving life to a colorful location where different flavors blend into one to pass on sensations of relaxation and gastronomic pleasure to the customer. Spread over an area of 200 square meters, the venue has been created by recycling the original materials remained of the beams, pillars, and brick walls. The locale has been enriched by the presence of wooden floors, a calacatta marble staircase, leather sofas, velvet armchairs, and one counter more precious than the other.

GOURMET BUTCHER TO STEAL THE LIMELIGHT IN LONDON – The curtain rises at 229 Union Street. The Costa Group has set up the layout of ‘The Butcher’s Theater’ at this address. It is the third innovative all-Italian butcher restaurant and property of entrepreneur Roberto Costa, which has reached the pinnacle of success in London by focusing on a cuisine based on high meat quality exclusively originating from Piedmontese farms. Set in one of the most vibrant streets of the English capital, the guests are catapulted into a theater setting. There is a tent in front of their table revealing an altar of red and white Verona marble. During dinner, the guests can enjoy an entertainment show. One of the special features of this place, that needs to be mentioned separately, is a baking niche on the second floor, where Focaccia, bread and fresh pasta are made. All strictly Italian, all respecting the old flavour of the Bel Paese, as a matter of course.

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