Areea, the first anti-pollution drink is born

A drink created by an Italian team can remove the toxic particle benzene. It's ready to be launched into large–scale retail trade
Areea, the first anti-pollution drink is born

Not only a new kind of healthy soft drink. Areea is science fiction turned into a drink. Developed from a brilliant Hopkins University research, this original drink ready for large–scale retail trade will be able to battle pollution and its harmful consequences. At first sight, it could look like a California start-up trailblazing insight about food and beverage. This is instead an italian invention, though it has been developed in London. Areea contains an enzyme (taken from broccoli) able to detoxify human body from benzene. According to World Health Organization valuation, benzene is responsible of 7 million deaths worldwide per year.

AN ITALIAN TEAM – Areea drink creators are Antonio Farid Mir, Areea Ceo and creative engineer as well as Italian Kingdom portal co-founder, and Jacopo Mele, Areea Cso, Homo Ex Machina foundation co-founder. Mele is considered one of 30 Europe most influential under-30 according to Forbes Europe. Farid Mir and Mele have been assisted by an all Italian specialist team.

FOCUS ON USA AND CHINA – After passing several scientific tests, smog detoxifying drink Areea has been presented last May for the first time at Seeds And Chips in Milan. The drink should be produced in Italy for large–scale retail trade, starting from next September. At first, export focus will be on USA and China. These marketplaces are considered much more promising for the soft drink business. Air pollution sensitive people will probably be the first sale target group.

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