Master to attend Summer Fancy Food Show

The Venetian company, specialized in the production of ‘gnocchi’, will be present at the largest trade event in North America, to be held in New York between June 26th and 28th, so as to expand its export share on the US market
Master to attend Summer Fancy Food Show

Amongst the 300 Italian companies present at the 62nd Summer Fancy Food Show, the largest specialty food trade event of North America, Master will present the latest novelties to over 25,000 retailers and international buyers. These include organic and vegan gnocchi made of whole wheat flour and spirulina, an extension of the organic/vegan ‘Mamma Emma’ line that includes classic, kamut, and spelt flour gnocchi, as well as organic spinach spätzle.

THE GOAL? TO INCREASE IN THE PREMIUM AREA – “We are investing in the premium segment of the US market and aiming at distributing our products all over the USA,” says Adriano Bianco, CEO at Master, “We have the golden opportunity to become a player in this market, thanks to the positive trend created by Made in Italy branded high-quality products.” The forecast for Master in the upcoming years suggests a significant increase in sales volumes of premium segment gnocchi by major American retail chains. The latter is supported by a recent agreement signed with a number of distributors in Florida and in New York.

MASTER IN THE FOREIGN MARKETS – Master’s exporting activity amounts to 15% of its total turnover, 25% of which can be assigned to the US market, which shows an upward trend over the coming years. This positive tendency was also marked by the success of Master’s gnocchi in the US that are appreciated for the undisputed quality of the product, the used ingredients, and the strong link to the Italian culinary tradition, additionally sustained through the sustainable packaging made of innovative materials. Produced in quantities of over 6 million kg and distributed in more than 15 countries in the world, Master’s gnocchi are, apart from the US, exported to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, where exports account for 15% of the export turnover, Scandinavia with 10%, the UK with 30%, Australia with 10%, and South Africa with 10%.

“The success of Master also consists in their shape reminiscent of homemade gnocchi that are produced one by one on the grater,” reiterates Bianco and continues by saying, “We designed a system that gives us the opportunity to make our products unique in the market.”

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