Piave 1938, a 2016 of innovation

The Venetian company, which has a long tradition in the production and worldwide export of olive oil and seeds, has launched two new lines dedicated to health and wellness
Piave 1938, a 2016 of innovation

Piave 1938 introduces JOYL, a new brand dedicated to those who practice sports, as well as a new line of natural and organic oils. They go to enrich an already complete range of products that has won over all international markets, from Europe, to the Middle East, China and North America, where the company has already set up local branches. Two extra virgin olive oils (premium Italian and European) and four seed oils: sunflower, corn, soy (strictly Italian and Gmo free), and grapes.

DEVELOPMENT IN FOREIGN MARKETS – In the development business plan, which aims to support the internationalization process started in 2015 by leveraging on the excellence of Made in Italy products and on the whole production, the participation in national and international fairs represents an opportunity to accelerate the development of the company’s brand in foreign markets.

INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATIONS – Piave 1938 is a major player in the Italian food sector. It has two plants, one for stocking raw materials and another for the processing and sale of finished products. To ensure high standards of production, daily lab analysis are carried out on the entire production chain using external quality controls performed by international certification bodies, among which are IFS, CSQA, ISO, the “Friend of the Earth” claim for sustainable agriculture products, “Vegan Ok”, and the Kosher certification for the Jewish community.

AN ITALIAN BRAND WITH EXPERIENCE IN SEEDS –  Piave 1938, with its vocation to innovation and unique variety of products, has everything it takes to be, both in Italy and internationally, an expert in seeds. The new lines are the fruit of research and development of products that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of new target consumers in individual markets (both domestic and international), in which the company operates.

A LINE OF ORGANIC OILS – “Tutto il meglio della natura Bio” (all the best of organic nature) is a line of organic oils, extracted from raw material coming exclusively from organic-certified agriculture. A special metal packaging and careful use of natural extracts (from organic farming) allow a perfect preservation of quality and aromas.

MUCH MORE THAN OLIVE OIL – JOYL is a new brand that includes a line of light and balanced vegetable oil (grapeseed, corn, and high-oleic sunflower) that contains vitamins and essential elements; an ideal product for those who have an active lifestyle. The JOYL high-oleic sunflower seed oil (with extracts of natural antioxidants) has a high content of mono unsaturated fatty acids (80% oleic acid). It ensures a higher resistance to oxidation and rancidity than ordinary oil, eliminating the risk of toxic substances and harmful production during cooking. Joyl Mais and Vinacciolo (corn and grapeseed) offer benefits, such as lightness and authenticity, with the addition of five essential vitamins (including B12) for better functioning of the organism and for those who follow a vegan diet.


1) TRADITIONS – Born in 1938, Oil Piave is the result of passion for quality and a commitment to environmental sustainability that has guided the Dal Sasso family for four generations. The oil mill founded in 1938 and nowadays known as “Benvolio 1938” has prospered by passing on a wise and careful olive oil processing from generation to generation.

2) THE TERRITORY – Piave 1938 embodies all the positive qualities of Italian style and culture: relationships between people, a balanced lifestyle and, above all, a healthy diet and good taste. Being a leading expert in the production of oil, Piave 1938 intends to act as an ambassador of Italian taste in the world. The wellness Piave oils have a special identity. They are real treasures of Italy; they have an original taste that embodies a number of values created by the people of this peninsula throughout millennia.

3) QUALITY – The production of Piave is controlled and traceable at all times. They are the only company in Italy that manages the whole production process independently, from the seed to the oil.

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