Occelli Butter to debut at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Thanks to the recipe created by Michelin star Chef Riccardo Camanini Lido 84
Occelli Butter to debut at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

In June, a new restaurant will open in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA): It will offer 80 recipes by the greatest Michelin star chefs in the world. Among them is Riccardo Camanini, the Chef of Lido 84 in Gardone Riviera. The dish he included in the menu last summer has proved so successful it has been chosen to represent Italy throughout the world.

Camanini’s Butter and Brewer’s Yeast Spaghettone won over Corey Lee (from San Francisco’s three Michelin star restaurant, Benu), who will be the director of this new restaurant project at the SFMOMA. Even the great Chef Alain Ducasse was overwhelmed by this dish, which he described as, “The best dish he had ever had.”

THE RECIPE, A MASTERPIECE OF SEMPLICITY –  “I am happy,” said Riccardo Camanini, Manager of Lido 84 together with his brother Giancarlo. “I am proud to represent Italy in such an important international showcase with a signature dish like pasta. For the record, Spaghettone only has 3 ingredients: gold-drawn pasta produced by an Abruzzo craft company, Piedmont butter by Occelli, and brewer’s dried and crumbled yeast.

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“I am honored – declared Beppino Occelli, owner of the company – to be part of this culinary symphony. For me, it is a beautiful Easter gift to be presented in San Francisco on such a Michelin-starred dinner table, and my best congratulations to Camanini for his wonderful recipe”.

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