Amica Chips to experiment with new concepts

The second player in the chips and snacks market keeps growing thanks to its mix of innovation, marketing, and communication. Moreover, it looks with interest into export.
Amica Chips to experiment with new concepts

With a volume share of 20%, Amica Chips is the second player in the Italian chips and snacks market, with an upward trend driven by the continuous renewal of its range through innovative product concepts, in line with the latest consumer trends. This is the case of the vegan potato chip Veggy that has been on the market for a couple of years, and lately also Alfredo’s Ortolana.


INNOVATION DRIVES SALES  – “We are very pleased with the performance of these two newcomers,” declares Andrea Romanò, vice-president and sales manager of Amica Chips, “which together generate revenues of approximately 700,000 euro that are estimated to rise to nearly 2 million euro in a short time. This is especially thanks to Alfredo’s Ortolana, a truly innovative product that is proving to be so popular that we cannot keep up with the flux of orders. Our carefully selected Dutch co-packer did not expect such a high demand.” The product, which was awarded the 2016 Food Product Award for Innovation consists of beetroot, sweet potato, and parsnip chips fried in sunflower oil.

A UNIQUE TASTE – “We are the only ones to offer a product of this type,” Romanò clarifies, “There are some similar variants on the market but the quality level is not comparable in terms of slice properties and choice of vegetables. As a matter of fact, it is no coincidence that there aren’t any carrots. They would have rendered the production more remunerative. Even so, it would have been at the cost of a bitter taste, compromising the overall result.” The drive for innovation is continuous. The next novelty might be the organic chip. “We are evaluating its feasibility,” says Romanò, “and contacting some manufacturers in Europe that have already inaugurated the supply chain.”

ORTOLANA, HIGH POTENTIAL ON INTERNATIONAL MARKETS – The goal for the market abroad is to increase the current export share by 4% of turnover. “We have high expectations for their development through the new launches,” concludes Romanò, “Ortolana, for example, is a concept with great potential in international markets”.

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