Export, the boom of Italian food in the Usa

Italy has become the first international supplier in the United States for wine, extra virgin olive oil, cheese, pasta and mineral water, according to the Food Marketing Institute latest data
Export, the boom of Italian food in the Usa

Food marketing institute (Fmi) has recently introduced new resources related to its Us Grocery Shopper Trends 2015 analysis: the full report explores the American food shopping. Data supported performance and customer appreciation of authentic Italian products in the US. Italian exports have generated 4.28 billion dollars and the Italian export trend was up +6.2 percent for 2013. The Italian market share is 3.2 percent and Italy’s position is eighth in the ranking of country suppliers for food and beverages sold in the U.S. In particular, the export rate for 2014 and from January to March 2015 jumped up over 23,5% against an average of 6%. The export’s value, which recorded 1,15 million euros, involves above all cheeses (+34%), pasta (+25%), wine (20%) and even mineral water (+20%) . Wine represents 454 million on 1,15 million, 40% of the food flow toward the Usa.
“The North American market” says Ettore Nicoletto, managing director of the Italian wine maker Santa Margherita group” is strong for us. Wine shipments in the Us was around around 50% by volume of our production that, this year, and it should attest around the 115 million in retail value, up to 10% compared the previous year. It is a so strategic market” he explains” that we opened a branch of import- export employing local resources, a managing director and 70 workers. We registered positive results both for Santa Margherita and Ca’ del Bosco”.
But even if Italy food industry really saw improvement in performances, there is a lot to do: indeed America is the country of the Italian sounding also. Above all because certificated original products are substantially absent from the distribution and the supermarkets’ chains in most regions. This is a serious lack. Only in recent times the Italian Government sorted out remedy, by setting up an extraordinary program which will be support the made in Italy. The program, which is overseen by the Minister Carlo Calenda, will involve manufacturers and retailers who team up with distributors throughout partnerships.

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