Agroittica Lombarda to announce a new line of products

The Brescia based company gives birth to Calvisius Caviar 100% Siberian which enriched its range. The Group has started to be present also on Leclerc shelves
Agroittica Lombarda to announce a new line of products

According to Agroittica Lombarda general manager Lelio Mondella,” the new Calvisius Caviar Siberian combines high pureness and finest flavor. We have in our stock all the product of white sturgeon that we sell on the market worldwide, including Russia. We are in phase to consolidation to a partnership with E.Leclerc Hypermarché”.

Nothing better than to educate, after Russia, this time French, to taste our products known. Undisputed leader in the production of sturgeon caviar worldwide, company welcomes actually the arrival, Calvisius Caviar 100% Siberian, which is entirely farmed in Italy, in the production plant of Calvisiano ( Brescia) where Agroittica owns the largest sturgeon farm in Europe with 60 hectares of tanks dedicated to aquaculture.

“Our Group is present on the world market with the widest variety of caviar produced entirely in house.” explains Mondella “Leclerc has started to distributing Calvisius Caviar in some French region. We are at the earliest stage because we aren’t supplier officials but basically we both are willing to continue the fruitful working relationship”.

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