A new label for the ‘100% Italian Milk’

The Ministry of Agriculture of Italy Government promoted a single and unique logo for Uht milk and do have strategic plans for the end of the milk quotas regime starting from the end of the month
A new label for the ‘100% Italian Milk’

It is a new clear and homogeneous logo to point out the zone of milking with a simple and well identifiable information from the consumer. It will be usable for not all types of milk but only for Uht milk. The new label is called ‘100%’ Italian Milk and its use across products range will be optional by companies. The symbol will trial in Italy and elsewhere by domestic milk producers and it is promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture that has inserted it among the strategic actions to accompany the sector after the end of the regime of the quotas milk anticipated for end month.

It will then use feedback from consumers to decide whether to adopt the logo. “We are engaged with milk producers”- Minister Martina says- “to relaunch the consumptions of fresh milk and to sustain the makers. We speak about almost 35.000 firms that must face, after thirty years a crucial challenge, as that of the end of the quotas regime. The Government is in charge to support a path that gives future and competitiveness to our entrepreneurs. We are willing to take up really actions to ensure working relationships among milk makers and to establish close and fruitful collaboration with the Antitrust against disloyal practices on the market.”

Milk slowdown in the sector reached the peak in 2014 year. The list of the top 15 companies shows a picture of profit warning because nine companies among the list have lost revenues, while only six of them has grew up in profit. Parmalat, Lactalis, Danone, Muller, Biraghi and Newlat have weakly performed. On the contrary, Parmareggio, Arborea and Sterilgarda, by exciting new products line, have developed a leading position on the international markets. According to Iri data, in 2014 the sales of fresh milk fell of 6,2% in volume and of 4,3% in value. The Uht market weakened respectively of 3,1% and of the 0,4%. Cheese sector also suffered   (-2,3% in volume). “On January – Francesco Biella, client service manager of Iri, comments- “for the fresh milk the negative trend is confirmed, -4,5%, with a withdrawal of the middle price of 0,1%, perhaps cause of the strong decrease in the raw liter price for the producers. The market of the fresh milk is penalized by a 44% taller middle price in comparison to that one of of the milk Uht

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