Agroittica brings caviar on the russian tables

Lello Mondella, the managing director, tells how Italy has definitely been fighting Russia and Caspian Sea countries for supremacy in caviar land
Agroittica brings caviar on the russian tables

Not many people know that Italian farmed caviar has made it top places of the worldwide caviar league. The world’s largest caviar firm, producing 25 tons per year, is indeed in Italy. Its name is Agroittica Lombarda, and it is located in Calvisano, Brescia. It is a company that has been producing and commercializing caviar in the world and is the only European producer of White Sturgeon. “The adventure started in 1981 when sturgeon farming was introduced with the idea of producing and selling the meat only. At first white sturgeon was imported from USA through a deal with the University of California Davis and as time went by the company became totally independent. In the ‘90s we began to extract caviar Calvisius by his sturgeon. We are now leader in production and sales of this kind of caviar. We gained a reputation worldwide for the freshness, granulometry.” Lello Mondella, managing director, says to

The most interesting exporting countries for Agroittica are France, USA, Russia, Hong Kong and recently the Emirates. We sell Italian caviar all over the world for 95 percent of our production. In 2009 the sales volume growth was of Eur 21 million. In 2013 it was Eur 23 millions. Among the 25 tons produced per year, 4 tons are exported to Russia, 4 tons to Italy and France, 2 tons to USA and the 15 tons to the rest of the world.

“We are working with a number of chain –  continues Mondella – . In France Leclerc stocks all the range of our products, as well as Real in Germany. In Russia, Hong Kong and Emirates we choose to sell directly to small retail store and local boutiques. You can find us also in Harrod’s in London, Epicerie in Paris and in Dean & De Luca in a multipack in New York or alternatively Zabars promote it. We are  also the only supplier of Luftansa Airline and Singapore Airlines, Chatay Pacific Airlines.






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