New Factor conquers China

The company's product on sale at Olè the Chinese Giant of retail chains
New Factor conquers China

New Factor, Rimini company leader in the processing and marketing of natural snacks made from dried fruit and nuts, conquers the Chinese market. Mister Nut – Snack Time, one of the company’s flagship lines, in fact, was choosen by Olè Shanghai distributor of high-end products in the China Resources Vanguard Group, one of the giants of the retail chains in China. A huge success in China because peanuts are a basic food and everyday, the demand for high-quality food is rising sharply and imports of high-level specialties are growing.

“The Chinese are the first producers and primary consumers in the world of peanuts – explains Alessandro Annibali president of New Factor – When last autumn we looked at this market, by participating in FHC (Food and Hospitality China), we knew we had to take a difficult challenge. That’s why this result satisfies us even more.

The high quality of our brand Made in Italy, the result of the processing of raw materials of excellent quality, combined with the added value of an elegant packaging, perfectly meet the taste of the Chinese consumer, attentive and curious, attracted to healthy products such as dried fruit and nuts. Our intention is to continue on this path consolidating more and more our presence in this market”.
In China New Factor exports its Mister Nut branded products (a worldwide registred trade mark) to Hong Kong and operates inmainland China with another specialized Chinese distributor.

In addition to the presence in the Group Olè, Mister Nut, considered a premium quality product, is distributed in many five stars hotels in the main cities of China and in a new chain of convenience stores of imported products, in partnership with a group of Hong Kong.

Particularly appreciated the breadth of the range of products offered to the final consumer Mister Nut, which in addition to the classic Peanuts Roasted & Salted Cashews offers, Pistachios, Almonds, Macadamia and cocktail roasted and salted peanuts as well as spicy, spicy, covered and Wasabi.

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