Caffo distributes its ‘amari’ in Britain

Two prestigious southern Italian liqueurs from Caffo distillery head to the British market as ingredients for cocktails
Caffo distributes its ‘amari’ in Britain

Italian distillery Caffo, which produces spirits and liqueurs for national and international distribution, is now selling two of its products in the UK.

Liqueurs Amaro del Capo and Elisir San Marzano, Caffo’s two flagship products, will be available soon in all major British cities. The company is pushing its drink options at the start of the summer as ingredients for cocktails, and has teamed up with representatives of the hospitality and bar industry in London to showcase the products.

“Some of the leading bartenders in London will launch the two spirits in their bars in the Uk capital,” said Caffo in a statement. Bartender Peter Dorelli, who ran the Savoy American bar in London for about thirty years, was among those present at the launch. The event was set up by the Uk importer of the Italian company Indie Brands and Caffo’s export management.

The liqueur showcasing event was thought to present the two Italian liqueurs to London bartenders and cocktail makers. They had the chance to learn more about the products and their usage in cocktail recipes.

“Amaro del Capo and Elisir San Marzano will be the new ingredients for many cocktails in the city. English people will have the opportunity to taste them in bars and clubs in London,” said Caffo.

Amaro del Capo, the most distinctive product of Caffo Distillery, is an infusion of medicinal herbs, aromatic fruits and roots that grow in Italy’s southern region of Calabria. The original recipe contains 29 different herb types. Its fragrant taste, Caffo states, is best enjoyed if it is drunk frozen at a temperature of -20°C.

Elisir San Marzano Borsci can be consumed on its own as an after lunch/dinner spirit, on the rocks with soda or as ingredient for cocktails. It is served as topping with vanilla ice-cream, or to ‘spice up’ coffee or milk. It is also suitable for dessert making.


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